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What I Can Teach You About Exercises

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Body Transformation Program This program is an answer to my many prayers. There is finally a program that you can lose fat and build muscle at the same time. Losing fat and building muscle at the same time is a bit deceiving. One cannot really build muscles and lose weight at the same time. It may however be said that this exercise happens within the same period of time. The period that the program dictates is eight weeks. This body transformation programs takes into account everybody’s goals. Despite everyone having different goals for body fitness, four goals have been identified. To lose body fat To build Muscles. Body building being secondary to losing fat. Primary focus on building body muscles and also on losing fat. Lastly participating in cyclical dieting and nutrition timing
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Tips
However the main focus of this program is on cyclical dieting and nutrition timing. Just like I was confused at first, these terms may be a little confusing for you too. Cyclical Dieting is simply cycling your diet. Take for example someone who has selected fat loss objective their diet will be deficit in calories. The Eight Week Body Transformation Program is about cycling your diet so you are in a caloric deficit or a caloric surplus for shorter periods of time. It is however important to note that this majorly depends on the goal selected. This implies that different objectives will have difference in the amount of calories uptake.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Tips
Moreover, the nutrition timing majorly depends on the specific time when one has to fuel their body with specific nutrients such as carbs, proteins and fats. Expected results The results you can expect with this program depend on 4 factors The length of time that one has been participating-The longer it is the faster the gain. Beginners will gain muscle a lot faster. Your Muscle Memory – It’s easier to regain muscle that you have lost then it is to build new muscle. Your Genetics – This has to do with your body type. There are those body types that will be more gifted in gaining muscles than in losing fat and there are those that will be gifted in losing fat. All people are different but there are those gifted in different areas than others. Results may also be affected by drugs intake. Some people will take drugs such as steroids to increase their muscle gains or other drugs to speed up fat burning. This definitely is NOT the way to go. It is very possible to lose weight and build muscles without taking steroids. The Eight Week Body Transformation Program also includes; recommendations and information on cardio and resistance training. Some lifestyle factors that may affect the transformation are also taken care of. Examples of cycling meal plans are also provided. This program therefore prescribes the right kind of nutrition to help one lose fat and build muscles.

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