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Some of The Things That You Can Do to Make Your Teeth White

You can start by using home teeth whitening products. Being that there are some home teeth whitening products which are dangerous since they have too much acid it is important that you choose the right product. As a result, they will destroy your teeth since they are corrosive.

So it is important that you read the instructions before you start using it. One of the safest and easy to use products for whitening teeth is white crest strips. Within one week you will be able to achieve white teeth when you are using white crest strips. Besides, you can use it without going for dentist instructions.

Another tip is the use of cosmetic dentistry. You find that dentists are experts in matters dealing with the teeth and they know some of the strong teeth whitening products. You find that this method is primarily applied in cases where we have tough stains that cannot be removed by home teeth whitening products. they use a bleaching gel which contains hydrogen peroxide which whitens the teeth by shedding off the stains. Therefore, it is necessary that you don’t apply too much of this as it may end up damaging the teeth by causing sensitivity sure you follow the problems. Make sure that you use instructions that are given by the dentist to achieve better results. Besides, you can also hire a reputable dentist to give you a better outcome.

The types of food that we eat can also result in a bright smile. Like eaten citrus fruits is a healthy practice since it contains a large amount of vitamin C which are good for the food. You find that when you take too much hot lemon or orange water will corrode your teeth and expose the yellow dentin. Apart from that, things like tea and coffee are good and delicious foods but they will stain your teeth. In them, you find a substance known as tannin which is responsible for turning your teeth yellowish. Apart from that, we also have red wine which has very many health benefits, and at the same time, it will turn your teeth yellow.

Lastly, you can also whiten your teeth naturally. In this method, you will need to brush your teeth after every meal especially after consuming foods that contain too much acid. It is also important that you add some bicarbonate soda to your toothpaste as it will help in removing the stains. Make a paste out of baking soda and rub on your teeth using a coarse object. This is important in removing stains and plaque from your teeth.

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