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5 Questions to Ask a Probate Attorney

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Being a friend or family member’s estate representative is a big responsibility that requires one to navigate the complexities of the probate law system. Choosing a legal counselor can simplify the process significantly, and it can allow the client to focus on his or her family while the lawyer handles small details. Clients can hire a competent probate lawyer by asking the questions below.

What Portion of the Practice is Focused on Probate Law?

Depending on various factors, a person may need a lawyer with a deep understanding of the probate process. For instance, if a client expects someone to challenge the will, the outcome might depend on the experience of a probate lawyer in Singapore from IRB Law.

How Long Has the Lawyer Been in Practice?

While younger lawyers are often capable of offering quality services, it is usually in a client’s interest to hire a firm with a reputation in the community. Clients can ask for references from past clients with similar issues; these can provide an idea of what to expect from a particular attorney.

Which Probate Type Should be Used?

Depending on family dynamics and the documents left by the decedent, a probate lawyer may suggest a formal or informal opening of the estate. An informal opening is simpler and faster, but a lawyer can determine whether a formal opening would be appropriate.

Does the Lawyer Have Local Experience?

Judges and court systems have preferred ways of document preparation and submission, and these can vary by location. Hiring an attorney with local experience can prevent unnecessary delays and simplify the process.

How Long Does the Process Take?

While no attorney can give a precise timeline, they can usually give a good estimate. However, estate problems and unexpected delays can provide unexpected results.

The time after a friend or family member’s death can be difficult, and disposing of the person’s assets can provide additional strain. By hiring a probate attorney, clients can get the benefit of their knowledge and years of experience. Schedule a consultation online or call the office today to get additional information on probate law services.

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